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BTech in Civil-Construction Management is a good option for those who are diploma holders in civil engineering and working in construction area. IGNOU is offering B.Tech(Civil) in construction Management through Distance Learning. The B.Tech. Civil (Construction Management) programme has been designed to impart training and continuing professional education to upgrade diploma level manpower engaged in managing construction task. The design of programme structure provides in-built modularity and flexibility. The successful completion of first two modules (First and Second years) make you eligible for the award of Advanced Diploma in Construction Management (ADCM). In this way, a learner then has a flexibility to study either only for the award of ADCM and exit from the system or to move further to complete
Eligibility:3-years Diploma in Civil/Mechanical/Electrical/Computer/
Architecture/Chemical Engineering from a recognized Polytechnic or its equivalent; and should be employed/self employed in equivalent capacity.
Blow mentioned are the syllabus of B.Tech. (Civil) degree through distance Education
Fist Year
Engineering Mechanics
Principles of Electrical Sciences
Materials Sciences
Engineering Materials
Systems Methods
Computer Applications
Soil Mechanics
Foundation Engineering

Second Module (Second year)
Planning and Construction of Building
Building Architecture
Design Detailing
Quantity Surveying & Valuation
Concrete Technology & Construction Techniques
Construction Works Supervision
Operation and Maintenance of Const Equipment
Repair and Maintenance of Buildings
Principles of Engg. Management & Economics
Construction Management-I
Laboratory-I (ADCM)
Testing for Quality Control
Mechanical Equipment in Construction

Third Module (Third year)
Mechanics of Fluid
Engineering Thermodynamics
Computer Programming & Numerical Methods
Technical Writing
Strength of Materials
Structural Analysis
Flow in Open Channel

Fourth Year
Transportation and Traffic Engineering
Pollutants and Water Supply
Structural Design-I
Structural Design-II
Construction Management-II
Elementary Hydrology
Hydraulic Structures
Inventory and Stores Management
Building Services

Other than BTech(Civil) in Construction, IGNOU is conducting BTech(Civil) in Water Resources Engineering through distance education. Informations are below.
B.Tech. Civil (Water Resource Engineering) is a continuing education programme for the working polytechnic diploma holders engaged in water resources sector. It is a 4 year degree programme which offers in-built flexibility in terms of intermediate award of Advanced Diploma in Water Resources Engineering (ADWRE) after successful
completion of first two modules (First and Second years). The learner can quit after award of ADWRE or move further to complete B.Tech Degree
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