Sikkim Manipal MBA Syllabus

Sikkim Manipal University is recognised by the University Grants Commission (UGC), the Distance Education Council (DEC) and is a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). Sikkim Manipal is the  top distance education institute in India after IGNOU.  Institute is offering professional courses including MBA, MCA, MSc etc. Below mentioned is the details about Distance MBA.
Master of Business Administration (MBA) –Specialisation in
Banking, Finance, Human Resources, Information Systems, Marketing, Retail Operations, Operations Management, Project Management, Total Quality Management
Master of Business Administration in International Business (MBAIB)
Eligibility: Graduation
Course fee for Distance MBA Sikkim Manipal University
Rs.12,500/- per semester (inclusive of Exam Fee Rs.800/- & Alumni Fee Rs. 100/-) or as revised from time to time.
Sikkim Manipal University MBA Syllabus
First Semester 
Management Process & Organization Behavior
Business Communication
Statistics for Management
Financial & Management Accounting
Managerial Economics
Human Resource Management
Second semester
Production & Operations Management
Financial Management
Marketing Management
Management Information System
Operations Research
Project management
Third semester
Research Methodology
Legal Aspects of Business
Subjects in area of specialization ( credits each)
Fourth semester
Strategic Management & Business Policy
International Business Management
Subjects in area of specialization (2 credits each)

Minimum duration: Two years (Four semesters)
Maximum duration: Four years
Learning centre: 180 hrs per semester
students are required to take six subjects in each of the first two semesters. In each of the third and fourth semesters, there will be two compulsory papers and four papers of the specializations. selected by the student. Threr will also be a project in the area of specialization. The specialization should be slected by the student while re-registering for the third semester. Students will be permitted only one specialization
Sikkim Manipal University MBA Specialization Syllabus for Third and Fourth Semester

Marketing Mangement- Third Semester
1)Selection & Supply Chain Management, 2)Consumer Behavior, 3)Retail Marketing, 4)Market Research
Marketing Mangement- Fourth Semester
Fourht semester, Service marketing & Customer Relationship Management
Advertaising Management & Sales Promotion, e-Marketing
International marketing, Project
Information system management Third semester
Software Enigneering, Database management systems (DBMS)
Computer networks, Business intelligence & tools, project
Information system management Fourth semester Enterprises Resources planning (ERP), e-commerce
Technology management, java and web design, project

Banking Management Third Semester
Financial System & commercial Banking, banking related laws & practices
banking operations, retail baning, project
Banking Management Fourth Semester
Merchand Baning & Financial services, Treasury management
Corporate Baning, Institutional banking, project
Retail Operation management third Semester
warehousing & supply chain management, buying & merchandising
store operations, retail IT management, project
Retail Operation management Fourth Semester
service marketing & customre relationship management, advertising management & sales promotion
Mall management, project management in retail, project
operations management third semester
operations management, enterprises resource planning
supply chain management, advanced production and operations management, project
operations management fourth semester
Maintenance management, quality management
advance production planning and control, technology management, project
project management third semester
Introduction to project management, project planning & scheduling
project fianace & budgeting, managing human resources in projects, project
project management fourth semester
quantitative methods in project management, project risk management
project quality management, contracts management in projects, project
Human resources management third semester
Manpower planning & re-sourcing, management & organizational development
employee relation management, HR audit, Project
Human resources management fourth semester
compensation benefits, performance management & appraisal
talent management & employee retention, change mangement, project

Healthcare service management Semester three
health administration, hospital organiation, operations and planning
hospital & healthcare information management, finance,
economics and planning in healthcare services, project
Healthcare service management Semester four
public relations and marketing healthcare organization
management relations and marketing for healthcare organization
management of healthcare human resources, legal aspects in healthcare administration
quality management in healthcare services, project.
Finance Semester three
Security Analysis & portfolio management
managers & Acuquistions, Taxation management
internet audit & control, project
Finance Semester four
International financial management
treasury management, merchant banking & financial service
insurance & risk management, project

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