Career as Flight Attendant

Flight Attendants
Flight Attendants , also known as the cabin crew , assist the passengers during the journey. They ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers. A pleasant demeanour, confidence, patience, resourcefulness, congeniality and tact are requisite traits in the flight attendant
Basic qualification for the post of Flight Attendant are a ) Graduation in any discipline) Fluency in English Hindi, c) Knowledge of foreign and regional languages) Age between 19-22 years) Height 5, 2 or 5 ,4 and above for woman; 5  7  or 5  10 and above for men; f) Unmarried. Preferred Qualification include degree in Hotel Management and Diploma/Degree in Catering and knowledge of first aid administration
Selection process:  The selection process varies between airlines. But generally interviews, groups discussion, English proficiency tests etc.are the norm.
Training: Most airlines train their newly inducted staff in procedures to be followed under normal conditions as well as in emergencies. Trainees are also instructed on personal grooming and etiquette.
Following institutions offer training for careers in aviation:1. Indian Airlines, Central Training Establishment, Ferozguda, Hyderabad-500 001; 2. Flytech Aviation Academy, 102, AI-Kausher Road, No.1, West marred ally, Secunderabad-500026.
Job Prospects: The service life of a flight attendant is short compared to other careers. Most airlines prefer recruiting fresh young hands periodically. Hence there is lot of scope for employment in this sector and it is important for those in service to maintain high levels of motivation, enthusiasm and physical fitness.
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