Career in Geology

Geology, It is a career for someone who likes science and enjoys working indoors and outdoors.
Geographers study the physical phenomena on the earths surface such as the topography and climate of particular regions and understand how these affect the people living there. The formation and changes in rock structure and the exploration of mineral and oil deposits also fall in the purview of the geologists project.
Geophysicists combine the knowledge of physics, Chemistry and mathematics to understand the earths atmosphere the play of gravitational , magnetic of ground and surface water, the mysterious dynamics of oceans etc.

Courses : Courses in geology and geography are available at the bachelors degree, post-graduate degree and research degree level. Though there are a small number of institutions, which offer courses in specialized branches of earth sciences, educational opportunities exist primarily in two broad field , viz., geology and geography.
        It is only at the Masters degree level that courses in specially areas are available. At the bachelors degree level, geology and geography are offered as one of the combinations by a number of universities. There are also astray examples of such topics as applied geology, biogeography, cartography, marine-geology and remote sensing offered as one of the combination at the Bachelors degree level

The Osmania University has introduced a three –year B.Sc.(Vocational) degree courses in Geo-exploration programmes in geology are offered by national institution like IIt-Kharagpur, BHU institute of Technology, Varanasi and School of Mines, Ghanbad.

Courses combinations
There are4 numerous sub-disciplines in the field of Geology such as Mineralogy, Oceanography, Mrine Geology, Petroleum Geology, Paleontology, Seismology, Volcano logy, Hydrology, Hydrogeology and Meteorology.
            The study of mineral formation is the field of Mineralogists oceanographers explore the chemical, biological and geological properties of the oceans. Marine Geologists study the ocean basin and the coastal environments on continental  borders. Petroleum geologists investigate oil and natural gas resource s. paleontologists study fossils in order to know more about  past life. Seismologists analyses earthquakes. Volcanologists investigate volcanic phenomena. Hydrologists study the properties of surface and underground water. Hydrogeologists investigate the geological aspects of surface waters. Meteorologists are concerned with the study of weather phenomena.

Eligibility: +2 is the basic qualification for Degree courses.

Selection is on the basis of merir ie, marks obtaibed in qualifying examination. But admission to IIT is through joint Entrance Examination(JEE)

List of Institutes
Kochi, Cochin University of Science &Technology
Other Places
Aligarh, Aligarh Muslim University;
Amritsar, Guru Nanak Dev University;
Annamalainagar, annamalai University;
Chennai, Anna University, Guindy; University of Madras;
Dharwad, Karnataka University;
Hyderabad, Osmania University;
Kharagpur, Indian Institute of Technology, West Bengal
Mysore, University of Mysore;
Nagpur, Nagpur University;
New Delhi, University of Delhi; Jamia Millia Islamia, Jamia Nagar;
Pondicherry, Pondicherry University;
Pune, University of Pune; sagar, Dr.Harishingh Gour Vishwavidyalaya; Tiruchirapalli, Bharathidasan University;
Vishakhapatnam, Andhra University.

Job prospects
Geologists can find employment in mines, oil exploration companies , seismological and meteorological departments, large construction conglomerates, related consultancy firms a and in government organization like Geological survey of India

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