Company Secretary Course

Company Secretary : Trusted and Valued Profession
An important ink in corporate management hierarchy, company secretaries not only helping companies comply with laws, but in improving corporate governance.

Company secretary should have multi-disciplinary expertise and be proficient in law , management, finance and corporate governance. The company secretary offers guidance to the management on legal aspects of business areas like production, sales, marketing and administration of the company with its shareholders, board of directors and other official regulatory bodies.

Stages to become a Company Secretary
The institute of company secretaries of India (ICSI) imparts training in company secretary ship by Distance Learning (by correspondence) enabling students to qualify as company secretaries. To join the course, a student has to undergo the following three programme
1 foundation Programme
2 Executive Programme
3 Professional Programme
In addition , the student has to undergo practical training for about 15 months, possibly after passing the executive programme

Foundation  Programme
This is courses of eight months duration. The course provides knowledge in Business Communication, Business Laws and management, Principles of Accountancy and Economics and statistics. Postal tuition provides study material on all subjects. Oral coaching is also available through Regional and Chapters.

Eligibility: Foundation Examination is conducted in June and December every year. Admission is open round the year and is valid for 3 years.

Executive Programme
After passing the Foundation Examination, the student who is above 17 years of age can register for the Executive programme.

Eligibility: A pass in the Foundation course examination of the ICSI or graduation degree  or a masters degree or pass in ICWAI, ICAI can allow you entry in the intermediate course. Duration:9 months.

Admission: The ICSI holds the Executive programme Examination twice every year in June and December. Registration is valid for 5 years from the month when application is accepted.

Professional Programme
On passing the executive programme, the student is admitted to the professional programme. The student can appear for the professional examination only 9 months after passing the Executive programme. On successful completion of the programme, the Institute awards an Associate Membership

List of Institutes
Kochi Chapter, North Railway Station Road;
Kottayam Satelite Chapter, Eranjal Road;
Thrissur Satellite Chapter Paliyam Road;
Thirvananthapuram Chapter,Utsavamadam Buildings, Kattayikkakan

Other places
Regional Councils: Chennai, SIRC, No.4, Wheat Crofts Road, Nungambakkam,
Kolkatta, EIRC, 18-A Everest House (18th Floor), 46-C, Chowringhee Road;
Mumbai, WIRC, No 13, Jolly Maker Chambers, No.11 (1st Floor), Nariman Pont;
New Delhi, NIRC, ICSI-NIRC Building, Plot No. 4, Prasad Nagar, Institutional Area, Rajindra Place.
 Job Prospects
Employment is available in companies, big and small either on relationship or job basis. Private sector, public sector, small scale, cooperative sector,etc. all require the service of a company secretary

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