Higher study in Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics: A Sunrise Sector
Bioinformatics, one of the most sought- after courses, offers lucrative jobs. However, entering the field is not as simple as it might appear.
In the heydays of  software boom , a person armed with a mere diploma in computer programming could land lucrative jobs. The same is not true with the emerging field of bio-informatics where an entry-level position requires more expertise.
         Strongest demand mainly exists  for individuals with degree in the life sciences and computer sciences, and multiple years of programming and database development experience. Typical combinations include a PhD in molecular biology, or biochemistry and B.S. in computer science.
         Also, person with a PhD in Life Science and with largely self-taught key computer skills and an industry experience too find good jobs.
          Freshers who have completed their doctoral programmes in bioinformatics have tremendous opportunities

Bioinformatic Programmes are available at different levels: Under-graduate programmes, masters programmes, B.Tech,and M.Tech, and advanced diploma.
A courses Bioinformatics is suitable  for those with a graduation or post-graduation in molecular biology genetics, microbiology,chemistry, pharmacy, veterinary science, physics, mathematics and also angineers, IT professionals, PhDs and medicos.
      The basic qualifications to enter the program in bioinformatics is 10+2 completed with science as the subject.
       The details of the educational qualification for different courses in this field are listed listed below.

B.Tech in Bioinformatics: Candidate should complete +2 with physics chemistry, biology and English

Masters degree in  Bioinformatics: Candidate should complete their graduation in any of the following subjects such as B.Sc/B.Sc(agriculture)/Bcs/Be/B.Tech/MBBS/B Pharm/BAMS/BHMS/BVSc.

Advanced Diploma in Bioinformatics:  Candidates having a post graduation in any of the following subjects such as M.Sc in life science , physics, Chemistry , mathematics,biotechnology,biophysics,botany,zoology,biochemistry, micro biology, pharmacology, computer science or equivalent), M.Sc (Agriculture)or M.Tech or MBBS are eligible for the Advanced diploma courses
M.Tech:Pharmacy graduate, medical dental and veterinary science graduates as well as postgraduates in science are eligible for the admission to

Entry into specific institutions depends upon the universities and colleges. Almost all institution conduct an entrance test


     Chemisformatics  the combination of chemical synthesis, biological screening and data-mining approaches used to guide drug discovery and development, will be the most sought after science in coming future. The integration of cheminformatics with related disciplines such as genomics, proteomics and the application of these sciences are the most sought-after careers across the globe
                 The institute of Cheminformatics studies offers different levels in chemiinformatics. Address: B-15,Sector-3,Noida-201301, U.P.

List of Institutes
Premier Institutes
Allahabad ; Indian Institute of information Technology , Deoghat, Jhalwa Campus,www.bi.iiita.ac.in/
Bangalore; Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology (IBAB),G-05, Tech Park Mall, International Technology park Bangalore(ITPB), Whitefield Road, www.ibab.ac.in
Aluva, Union Christian College;
Malappuram, SAFI Institute of Advanced studies ,vazhayur;
Thiruvalla, Mar Athanasios College for Advanced Studies.
Other Places
Chennai, SRM University, Veeraswamy Street, West Mambalam;
Hyderabad, University of Hyderabad;
Kolkata, Calcutta University, Senate House, 87/1 College Street , www.caluniv.ac.in;
Madurai,kamaraj University, Madurai School of Biotechnology, Tamilnadu , www.mkuniversity.org;
New Delhi, Bioinformatics centre at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, www.jnu.ac.in; Department of computer science,Jamia Nagar, www.jmi.nic.in; Indian Institute of Technology;
Noida, Bioinformatics Institute of India, B-15,Sector-3, www.Bioinformatic centre. .org;
Pond cherry, Bioinformatics centre , School of life science , pond cherry University ,www.bicqu.edu.in;
Pune, Bioinformatics centre, University of Pune , www.bioinfo.ernet.in

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