ICWA Syllabus

The Institute of cost and works accounts of India (ICWAI) offers a course on Cost and Management Accountancy. ICWAI is the only professional body in India which imparts training and coaching in cost and management accountancy. Any student who has cleared the class XII can join the course after qualifying foundation examination conducted by the institute.
To fill the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge, and to lay the emphasis on practical orientation training, the following steps are taken.
Two group discussions, two business communications seminars and 50 hours of hands on computer training are included in the intermediate course. In the final course, the student is required to write a dissertation of 5,000 words. The hands on computer training session lasts 100 hours, modular training lasts 15 days and audit/industrial training lasts six months. The institute also offers tuitions.  There is two type of tuitions. One is Postal tuition and the other one is oral tuition, through its more than 100 centres across India.
For those students who have passed the ICWAI Course, the doors to top management positions like managing director, Finance director, cost controller, etc.
ICWAI course Pattern
Foundation Course:
Organization and Management Fundamentals
Financial Accounting Fundamentals
Economic and Business Fundamentals
Business mathematics and statistics Fundamentals
State I
Cost and management Accounting
Information System and Technology
Business Law and Communication Skills
Business Taxation
Stage II
Management Accounting Performance management
Advanced Financial Accounting
Quantitative methods
Stage III
Operations and Project Management& Control
Advanced Financial Management and International Finance
Strategic management marketing
Strategic Tax management
Stage IV
Management Accounting-Decision Making
Management Accounting-Financial Strategy and Reporting
Cost  Audit and management audit
Valuations Management and Case study
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