MCA Syllabus Bharatiar University

Bharatiar University is one of the best distance education, that providing all professional courses including MCA, MBA and IT, Below mentioned are the syllabus for Master in Computer Application(MCA) Syllabus Distance education mode

First Year

Computer Organization and Architecture
Problem Solving in C and Data Structure
Relational Database Management System
Analysis & Design of Information Systems
Operating System
Practical(i) problem solving in C & Data Structure Lab
Practical(ii) RDBMS Lab

Second  year
OOPS using C++ & Java Programming
Computer Networking
Software Engineering
Visual Programming
Elective I
Practical (iii) C++ & Java Programming Lab
Practical (iv) Visual Programming Lab
1) E-Commerce, 2)Client/Server Technology, 3) Multimedia & applications

Third year
Software Testing
Data Mining and Warehousing
Elective II
Practical (v) software testing lab
project work and viva voce
Elective: 1) software project management
2) WAP and XML, 3) Digital Image processing

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