Scholarship for Sports Training and Coaching

MINISTRY OF HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT. Department of youth Affairs  Sports, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi 110001 offers 6- month Scholarship for Advanced Coaching/Training of Outstanding Sportsperson.Seats:3
 Age: Not more than 25 years .Only exceptionally meritorious, active sports-persons who already proved worth in international competitions and having potential to enable them to win better laurels. The coaching/training programme should be either at a reputed institution or under a well known coach.
 Value of Scholarship:
 Maintenance allowance up to US $ 7,000 per annum payable in local currency, suitable special diet allowance, actual cost of essential playing equipment not exceeding US $ 350, coaching/training fee.
 Also offers 3-year Scholarship for Training of Specialists in Sports/Adventure Programmes.
 Eligibility: The applicant should have got confirmed admission in any institution abroad for a relevant course. The Institution abroad should be reputed institution and the course should also be such as is found useful keeping I view the conditions prevailing in our country. Age: Not more than 25 years.
 Values of Scholarships:
Maintenance Allowance upto US $ 7,000 per annum payable in local currency. The actual cost of books essential apparatus, study tour (coach class fare) within the country of study (not in other foreign country) and binding of thesis as recommended by the Professor/Trainer/Concerned would be paid, but it shall not in any case exceed US $ 350 per annum. Tuition and Examination fees and all such fees and all such and charges levied by foreign institutions/Universities/Organizations.
 Selection is made on through a Selection Committee constituted by the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports for the purpose.
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