career in internet security in India

Most of the cyber security jobs within government fall in the category of computer specialist, information technology officer, information technology specialist, assistant chief security officer, penetration tester etc
within business , the cyber security positions available are cyber security analyst, research scientist, engineer, senior information security specialist, most of these are available with government contractors, scientific research laboratories, security consulting firm and IT and security vendor companies.
The common theme of most of these positions is to defend and nation though the development and utilization of cutting edge systems,
Career path in cyber security career
Entry level _  executive Manager (Role to correlate broad security guidelines
Middle level:  Manager( Role : security program management , data security, policy creation/maintenance, business continuity/disaster recovery)
senior & Top level Managers ( Chief internet security manager, security advisors, chief IT officer)
Design and development of information security policy, regulatory compliance, IT security governanace
Advisory services for information security, policy design, risk assessment, compliance to industry standards
justifying the cost of ongoing and future investment t middle information risks, aligning business objective with a concise security strategy.
Graduate in any discipline, but sofware engineers would get preference. A good knowledge of network and understanding of hackers mind is essential. IT is recommended that one does a course in cbyer security. such course would help a person learn the tricks of the trade, it does not helop joing a course for a few days, but it is recommded that one joins reputed certificate programs and long term programs certifications like CISA (Certified infoartion system auditor) CISM (certified information security Management) and CISSP (Certified information system security professionals) would help a person to start a career in cyber security. other vendor specific certifiation like CCSP (Cisco certified security professional) and MCSE (microsfot certified system engineer)
There is good career opportunities for Ethical Hacking

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