career in cloud computing

computer communication evolutions starts with sharing data extended to networking, extended to internet, and next the need for cloud computing. Cloud computing arises from the IT technicians desire to add another layer of separation in processing information. At the moment, a general understanding of cloud computing refers to the following concepts :

grid computing, utility computing, software as a service, storage in the cloud and nationalization.
These refers to the client using a provider service remotely, also known as in the cloud. Even if there is an existent debate on whether these concepts should be separated and dealt with individually, the general consensus is treat all these terms could be summarized by the could computing umbrella. Given its recent development and scarcity of academic published work. many discussions on the topic of cloud security have surfaced from engineers in companies that provide the aforementioned services. Today the top five software companies by sales revenue all have major cloud offerings, and the market as whole is going to increase from about $41 billion in 2011 to $241 billion in 2020, according to new estimates from research firm Forrester. Yet despite the trumpeted business and technical advantage to join the cloud, and those major corporation cloud users have yet to join the cloud  and those major corporations that are cloud users are for the most part putting only their less sensitive date in cloud. Lack of control is the major worry
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