Courses in automobile engineering

Courses in automobile engineering are offered from diploma to PhD students keen on pursuing a career in the field of automobiles can begin with a BE or B.Tech course in automobile engineering or take up BE or B.Tech in Mechanical engineering and later do M.Tech in automobile engineering.

some of the topics covered in automobile engineering course are the  aerodynamics, electrical motion, combustion engineer  vehicle chassis, electric system, control systems, fluid mechanics  emissions, workshop technology, supply chain management, machine design, computer aided design, prototype creation and ergonomics. These courses are a blend of theory, practical and hands on training. Many students consider internship as the best part of these courses During internship, students can gain hands on experience from lifting a car on hoists, changing air filer, fuel filter, engine oil, spark plugs, fixing tyre punctures to working with designing software and assembling components, etc. Some successful students reveal that mechanics can offer tips that are sometimes unknown to the experienced automobile engineers. certificate and diploma courses are available in engineering mechanics, applied thermodynamics, mechanical engineering, robotics, and automation etc. Diploma holders can take the AMIE exam conducted by the institution of engineers India. is treated on par with bachelor's degree
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